Where to Buy an Inflatable Raft

Watch for Warranties and Check Verify Their Reputation

There are many places that you can purchase an inflatable raft. These include on-line Web sites, general merchandisers, and sports stores. You may need to use caution when purchasing a new raft.

There are less expensive inflatable rafts available at general merchandisers such as Wal-Mart and Target. While you may feel that you are getting a great deal, this may not be the case. If you are just planning to float around a calm pond, these models may be adequate. If you plan on traveling down a river or stream where there may be sharp rock formations and underwater obstructions, these rafts can end up in shreds. So you should always keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

On-line Web sites may also seem to offer great bargains on new inflatable rafts. You should keep in mind that just because a business has a Web site does not mean that it is legitimate. You should take the precaution to thoroughly check out any business that you may be planning to give your credit card number to. You can check with your local boating retailer or the Better Business Bureau to make sure that the company is on the level.  You should also check any consumer reviews and ratings about the make and model that you are thinking about purchasing. It may not be as good of a bargain as you originally thought.

E-bay is also a Web site that you should approach with caution. You should keep in mind that anyone who may be selling a new raft on this site is an individual and is probably not a licensed boating retailer. You may even receive the package that appears to be unopened only to find that the seller has carefully rewrapped it after they had used the raft a couple times. That is not to say that you won’t find a good deal on E-bay. You just need to be cautious.

Sporting stores are usually a safe bet when purchasing a new inflatable raft, especially if it is a local business. You should make sure that you know what their warranty and return policies are just in case you do have a problem after you bring your raft home.

Boating retailers and larger sporting stores such as Cabela’s are also usually a better way to go. Again, if you are not familiar with the business, make sure that you check it out and make sure that all purchasing agreements are “hand signed” and not “electronically signed” This can aid you if for some reason your dealings with the business ends in legal action.

Many raft manufacturers also have on-line stores and direct factory ordering. Most of these sites include the telephone number of the company. As an extra precaution you may want to talk with the company on the phone before placing an order with them. Some of these businesses will even design a custom-made raft for you with all the specifications that you want. This option may be a little more expensive but you may decide that it is worth it.

As long as you do a little research and take the necessary precautions, you should be able to purchase an inflatable raft that is perfect for you.

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