Benefits and Drawbacks of Rigid Inflatable Boats

Is a Rigid Inflatable Boat Right for You?

If you are attracted to the light weight and maneuverability of an inflatable boat, but are concerned about your ability to fish or dive effectively with a soft-bottomed craft, then rigid inflatable boats, or RIBs, could provide you with the best of both worlds. A rigid inflatable boat adds solid elements to the normally soft seats and floors of a standard inflatable watercraft, greatly enhancing the usefulness of the boat.

For example, the Sea Eagle 8FD is a wonderful multi-purpose boat on its own. It is light enough to be able to navigate even shallow waters, and is easy to handle through tight turns and even on whitewater.

However, by upgrading The Sea Eagle 8 with the Fisherman’s Dream package, you receive a sturdy wooden floor and seats. This gives you the sturdiness you need to transform this rugged inflatable ship into a motor mount boat, plus allows you to cast while standing up and even to bring a dog on board without worrying about puncturing soft floor panels.

Another example of a multi-function RIB is the 14 SR Sport Runabout from Sea Eagle , an inflatable transom boat whose plastic floor and bracings can support a 40 horsepower engine while still folding up into a size small enough to fit in a car trunk.

The final option when it comes to RIBs is a completely rigid hull and floor surrounded by an inflatable collar. Rigid-hulled RIBs have the highest stability and speed, but also the greatest weight, the highest cost, and they cannot be disassembled to fit into a car or RV.

There are a few drawbacks when it comes to RIBs versus fully inflatable boats. Even the lightest rigid floorboards add significant weight to the boat, making it harder to carry and more difficult to maneuver in shallow waters. The disassembly time is greater with rigid boats, and may not be possible at all. Finally, depending on the version you choose, a rigid boat will be significantly more expensive.

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